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The Autonomous Mowing Robot™ is a revolutionary new mowing product that directly addresses the labor availability problems in the landscaping industry. With autonomous mowers, landscape contractors can reduce the number of employees required to complete general mowing tasks. Our Autonomous Mowing robots allow a single operator to generate the same revenue and efficiency as a crew of three. RC Mowers' Autonomous Mowing Robots provide the opportunity to increase profit from mowing services, which traditionally is the number one source of landscaping companies' revenue but also generally the least profitable.



  • Reduce your labour requirements and cost
  • Manage fewer employees and the management of them
  • Grow your business with less labour
  • Let your high-value talent do high-value work

Autonomous Mowing Robots are safe and drama-free.

They show up on time, do precise work, pass drug tests, and never have a sick day or annual leave.


"The labour shortage in this industry is a problem for everyone, for example, some of our jobs would previously require a team of 15, but we would often only have three to five available. This mower has allowed us to reduce the number of full-time employees, allows us to pay them more and most importantly keep our team members safe and out of the line of fire."

"For us, the assistance this mower has provided has been huge. We believe in innovation and safety, they are our core values. Our remote-operated mower has saved us time and labour cost while providing our staff with innovative new equipment that prioritises our commitment to ensuring the safest work site possible."


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