Diamond Mowers 3-Point Linkage Boom Mower 17′ HD



A combination of power and versatility

Diamond Mowers’ 3-point Linkage Boom Mowers, like all Diamond Mowers products, are built tough and reliable. The perfect solution to clear overgrowth from along and over fence lines, down in ditches, along waterways, batters, cutting back overgrown trees and much more.

The Diamond Mowers three-point linkage boom mower raises your capability and efficiency every day they’re out on the job. They are also perfect for terraces, drains, roadsides over guard railing, under trees and other hard to access areas. 3-point linkage boom mowers mount on tractors with ease. Diamond uses premium cast steel pumps and motors in a fully self-contained hydraulic system, which prevents any cross contamination between the mower and the tractor.

All Diamond 3-point Linkage Boom Mowers come standard with an easy to install 4-function proportional joystick.

A17’6” (5334 mm)

B17’9” (5410 mm)

C5’8” (1727 mm)

D3’2” (965 mm)


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