Diamond Mowers EX Disc Mulcher Pro X 48″



Maximise your excavator’s versatility

Excavators perform critical tasks in land clearing and vegetation management. Choosing the right attachment for your excavator is essential and Diamond Mowers build the best. Their heavy-duty equipment is the toughest, safest, and most reliable in the business. The Excavator Disc Mulcher is ideal for large scale tree management and mulch applications. Engineered for tough Australian conditions.

Diamond’s unique disc design uses both stored energy and hydraulic power to mulch, making it an energy-efficient and economical choice. Equipped with FOUR-POINT HARDENED STEEL TEETH on the perimeter and bottom of the disc, this disc has all the cutting power it needs! To extend tooth life and enhance productivity, the teeth can easily be sharpened and rotated. Patented planer knives are found at the center of the disc to eliminate any dead zone.

Using both the perimeter and bottom surface of the disc, this mulcher has the ability to cut clean and quick like a chainsaw, as well as mulch material finely enough for decomposition. Reach slopes, waterways, railways and other hard to reach areas that require vegetation management. The precision provided by excavators allows you to be selective for full control of the material you choose to remove.


FOUR-POINT HARDENED STEEL TEETH come standard on the Excavator Disc Mulcher, acting like an axe to slice material for the most productive cut.
The aggressive design allows you to grab and pull in material more effectively. These teeth can be sharpened and rotated to increase efficiency and productivity, as well as lengthen tooth life.


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