Wheeled Loader Boom Mower – Self Contained Unit



A powerful addition with heavy duty and versatility combined

Diamond Mowers Wheeled Loader Boom Mower attachments, like all their products, are tough, reliable units are designed for clearing grasses, brush and trees from along fence lines, over fences and roadside guard railing, clearing undergrowth and cutting back overhanging branches. They are also perfect for terraces, drains, ditches, waterways and other hard to access areas. Engineered for Wheeled Loaders over 11 ton, the booms come in two styles: self-contained powered units and loader powered unit. These units hook up to the Wheeled Loader the same as you would hook up a bucket. Diamond Mowers uses premium cast steel pumps and motors in a fully self-contained hydraulic system, which prevents any cross contamination between the mower and the tractor. All Diamond Mowers boom mowers come standard with an easy to install 4-function proportional joystick.


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