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Tractor booms are designed to clear ordinarily hard-to-reach trees and brush. They carry tools that perform a wide range of functions like mowing, sawing and mulching. These booms and their attachments will add the versatility you need for everyday operations.

The Rear Cradle Boom folds to the rear for clearance and visibility when in transport. The method used to attach the Rear Cradle Boom to your tractor will depend primarily on your tractor’s make and model. A variety of arm lengths are available to meet application needs and tractor capabilities.

Diamond’s most popular 22-foot rear cradle boom has been reconfigured to position the cutter head 15” closer to the tractor*. This innovative design prevents the tractor from crossing the centre line on narrow roads, making it an ideal solution for maintaining the grass on a road shoulder. Additionally, the pin connection between the primary and secondary booms is out of the way when the head is pulled in close to the tractor.

Meet the Diamond Integrated Boom Control system, equipped on all mid-mount booms.

The IBC system was created to give the operator single hand control, enhanced safety features, and an optional industry leading Smart Screen – making this boom control system more capable than ever.

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IBC Joystick

  • Built into the custom armrest, attaching to your tractor seat *
  • All controls at your fingertips
  • Enhanced safety with an emergency stop button

IBC Smart Screen (Optional)

  • Customisable boom speeds and joystick sensitivity
  • Tracks and feeds data back to you
  • Detailed diagnostics for troubleshooting in the field

Custom Armrest

  • Integrates with the existing tractor seat and replaces the OEM armrest *
  • Includes 5 different adjustment locations
  • The wrist adjustment allows you to position the joystick at the correct angle for your operating style


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