Colbrook Newsletter February 2024


Mulch more, work less: uncover our state-of-the-art mulching solutions

Our first newsletter is here! We understand the critical role that effective land management plays in achieving your goals, especially when it comes to fire mitigation and invasive species control. That’s why we are excited to introduce our latest innovation in forestry mulching equipment, and insights to better use your products. Whether you’re tackling dense vegetation, reclaiming overgrown areas, or striving for sustainable land practices, our cutting-edge machinery is designed to exceed your expectations.

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Tree Cut Diagram 2 - Colbrook Industries

  • Trees greater than 100mm, start working from the top of the tree
  • Work your way down the tree in 300mm increments
  • Lift the brush cutter to desired height and drive straight into tree
  • Use brush bar to push the tree over and away whilst cutting
  • Use a smooth quick action to cut completely through the tree
  • Never drop the mower straight down the tree (pancaking) or it will damage the blade and blade carrier
  • Once the tree is sectioned on the ground, back drag over it to mulch

Brush Cutter Pro VS. Brush Cutter Pro X

Discovering the ideal attachment for your needs can be challenging. That’s why we’ve curated a comprehensive comparison table to assist you in determining which specification is the perfect fit for the job!

The Brush Cutter Pro X is a staple in most land clearing contractors tool box. The most versatile and robust vegetation management tool available. With the ability to mow roadside grasses, mulch brush, shrubs and regrowth, and also take down a 250mm tree, you will find the Brush Cutter Pro X has you covered in most applications.

Diamond Mowers recognised that this extremely heavy duty attachment was a little bit of overkill for many land owners with mid sized machines wishing to control overgrown areas of their farms, clear fence lines and implement fire breaks and asset protection zones. So they developed the Brush Cutter Pro, still the same robustness and efficiency you would expect from a diamond product. A few differences you will notice, the Pro is a little over 200kg lighter than its big Pro X brother, it has a two blade system is much lighter that the traditional thi-hex of the Pro x, overall lower profile for greater manoeuvrability on the lighter carriers, and importantly it is a more economic option for those not chasing the big contracts. So whether you’re a full time contractor or a land owner, if your chasing durability, versatility, efficiency and reliability we have a Diamond Mowers attachment to suit your needs.

Brush Cutter Pro Vs Brush Cutter Pro X Table 2 - Colbrook Industries

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